About The Froggy Adventures

The Froggy Adventures is a travel blog created by Chloe Rivera & Trey Lewis. We created this blog to share our experiences going off the beaten path in our travels.

We are from Hawaii – a huge tourist destination. So we know how to dig our feet in the mud and find the best adventures possible.

But we also know how to find the best adventures for the right person – we often take our friends and family around when they visit us.

After a while, we figured out not only the best places to go – but also how to find the best places to go.

Our Travel Philosophy

  • We’re huge history nerds and will go out of our way to learn about the history of the places we visit.
  • We value quality over quantity when it comes to our experiences. One quality experience learning about the culture and history of a place is always better than a dozen experiences not learning anything.
  • The journey is always more meaningful than the destination – that’s what gives everyone their unique perspective and experience.
  • We firmly believe that we should always leave a place better than we found it.