We think that Mexico can be summed up in two words: Endless adventure.

Whether it’s getting lost in Mexico City, eating your way through Oaxaca, or exploring the beaches and cenotes of the Yucatan, Mexico is truly a traveler’s paradise.

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dzitnup cenote xkeken

Dzitnup Cenotes Xkeken and Samula: The Ultimate Guide

The "Dzitnup Cenotes" Xkeken and Samula lie just outside of Valladolid and are the perfect place to swim in an underground freshwater cave. Read more
mexico city instagram spots

The Best Mexico City Instagram Spots (Photos + Videos)!

Journey with us through the most photogenic corners of Mexico City! From vibrant houses to majestic architecture, discover the ultimate Mexico City Instagram spots... Read more
why visit oaxaca

Why You Need to Visit Oaxaca: Mexico’s Cultural and Culinary Gem

Unearth Oaxaca's treasures from mouthwatering cuisine to artisanal boutiques, and from ancient ruins to spirited arts. Discover why Oaxaca should top your travel list! Read more
Oaxaca mezcal tour sign

Oaxaca Mezcal Tour: Behind the Scenes of an Active Distillery

We went on a tour of a Oaxacan mezcal distillery and discovered the art of mezcal-making, from the varied agave plants to the myths... Read more
Travel couple in the Mitla Ruins in Oaxaca Mexico

Visiting the Ruins of Mitla Oaxaca: The Ultimate Travel Guide

From intriguing geometric mosaics believed to represent deities to the city's deep-seated role in religious rituals, Mitla is more than just ruins—it's a portal... Read more
Mercado 20 de Noviembre in Oaxaca

Mercado 20 de Noviembre: A Oaxacan Food Paradise

Join us as we navigate the bustling aisles of Oaxaca's Mercado 20 de Noviembre, tasting culinary delights and uncovering hidden gems. From mouthwatering tamales... Read more
Taxco Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Taxco: Mexico’s Silver Capital

From sipping mezcal in cozy restaurants to exploring cobblestone streets lined with colonial architecture, we've got your ultimate guide to everything Taxco. Yes, it's... Read more
Cenote Samula in Valladolid Mexico

The Magic of Valladolid Mexico: 5 Reasons Why Its the Yucatan’s Best-Kept Secret

From breathtaking cenotes to authentic Mayan cuisine, uncover the magic of Valladolid and why it's the secret key to the Yucatán. Read more
Chloe sitting on the river bank at Las Estacas in Morelos Mexico

Las Estacas: The Ultimate Guide to Mexico’s Hidden Oasis

With crystal-clear springs, exciting water activities, and mesmerizing natural surroundings, Las Estacas is a location that truly exemplifies the breathtaking beauty of Mexico's untouched... Read more
Chloe walking the streets and showing us things to do in La Condesa in Mexico City

Exploring La Condesa: Things to Do in Mexico City’s Trendiest Neighborhood

From savoring brunch at a cozy cafe, exploring the local art scene, to cycling down the tree-lined streets, we've uncovered the best things to... Read more
Caballero Alto Tower in Chapultepec Castle Alcazar

Discovering Mexico City: A Day at Chapultepec Castle

Delve into the heart of Mexico's rich history, explore breathtaking architecture, and uncover the secrets of this majestic castle, revealing its transformation from an... Read more