The Best Mexico City Instagram Spots (Photos + Videos)!

Journey with us through the most photogenic corners of Mexico City! From vibrant houses to majestic architecture, discover the ultimate Mexico City Instagram spots to elevate your feed.

mexico city instagram spots

While most people are drawn to Mexico City for their tacos and tequila, other folks prefer to take in all of the cities rich aesthetics.

Dive into the heart of CDMX and you’ll find it beats with an artsy pulse – a symphony of vibrant hues, historic avenues, and architectural wonders.

From iconic blue houses and majestic castles to stained glass kaleidoscopes, we’re taking you on a visual journey through the most jaw-dropping Mexico City Instagram spots that are waiting to be captured.

So, are you ready to level up your IG feed and sprinkle it with a touch of Mexican magic? Let’s get that camera rolling! 📸

Casa de los Azulejos (House of Tiles)

Instagram photo girl in front of blue tiles at House of Tiles in Mexico City

📍 The House of Tiles (Casa de Los Azulejos) – Google Maps

The House of Tiles is on every Mexico City Instagram list, and for good reason.

So first off – the exterior. Total eye candy. It sort of creeps up on you since the building is located so nonchalantly amongst a bunch of other less-decadent buildings. The exterior is perfect for that golden-hour backdrop or a twirl-worthy boomerang.

But here’s where things get even better: the inside. Yep, while everyone and their grandma is snapping shots of the outer beauty, the interior of the building has even more magic.

Chloe posing for an Instagram photo at House of Tiles in Mexico City

We’re talking regal staircases, large columns, and of course even more blue tiles, with even more intricate patterns.

Tile mosaic at House of Tiles in Mexico City

The interior of the building is host to a restaurant, so if you want to soak up the building in the best way possible, we recommend dining there.

Cafebrería El Péndulo

View of Cafebrería El Péndulo famous Instagram staricase

📍 Cafebrería El Péndulo – Google Maps

Of all the picture-perfect staircases in Mexico City (and trust us, there are a LOT), the one inside Cafebrería El Péndulo might be the most Instagram-worthy.

Located in the Polanco neighborhood, Cafebrería El Péndulo is a cafe inside the most picture-perfect bookstore.

This staircase is the heart of the café-bookstore combo. It connects the cozy bookstore below with the reading havens above, becoming the ideal spot for those candid “lost in thought” shots, or the classic “mid-step, looking away” pose.

Adding to the charm is the constant hum of activity. Picture people diving deep into novels, friends sharing a laugh, and the occasional steaming cup of coffee in the cafe. It’s a blend of the everyday with the magical.

Palacio Postal

Chloe posing for an Instagram photo at Palacio Postal in Mexico City

📍 Palacio Postal – Google Maps

In a world of beaches and mountains, how many people can say they’ve had a photoshoot in a century-old post office?

Palacio Postal is quirky, unique, and absolute Instagram gold (quite literally).

The architecture of Palacio Postal is a dazzling blend of Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau that’ll make you wonder if you’ve wandered into some royal European palace.

Ornate golden staircase at Palacio Postal in Mexico City

It’s definitely the fanciest-looking place that we’ve stepped into – who knew a post office could serve such opulence?

Glass ceiling and golden staircase at Palacio Postal in Mexico City

Barrio Chino

Chloe posing for an Instagram photo at Barrio Chino in Mexico City

📍 Barrio Chino – Google Maps

When we talk about unexpected Insta-gems in Mexico City, Barrio Chino is the first place that comes to mind.

Tucked away amidst the city’s sprawling boulevards, this little slice of China (hence, “Chino” in Spanish) is a burst of colors, flavors, and buzzing energy.

As you meander down the street, every step is a sensory overload. Colorful lanterns hanging overhead, tasty snacks at every turn, and vibrant storefronts with everything from lucky cats to bamboo steamers – all vying for your attention.

And if you’re a foodie, Barrio Chino is a paradise. Picture steam rising from fresh dumplings, colorful fruit stalls, and neon signs of local eateries.

Snap a pic of you savoring some dim sum or holding up a bubble tea against the bustling backdrop. Yum and yum!

But let’s talk about the real MVPs of Barrio Chino – the Cha siu bao vendors.

Now, you’ll spot a handful of these guys along the street, and even though they’re all selling the same goodies, let me tell ya, the variety is wild!

Colorful bao at Barrio Chino in Mexico City

We’re talking a dozen or even two dozen different bao flavors. I mean, how does one even choose, right?

As you’re wandering by, it’s impossible to miss them. Besides the puffs of steam and the colorful collection of baos, they’re practically shouting out all the different flavors that they have.

Barrio Chino is chaos in the best way possible.

Chapultepec Castle

Instagram photo at main entrance staircase of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City

📍 Chapultepec Castle – Google Maps

Bet you didn’t know that Mexico City is home to a castle.

Perched high on Chapultepec Hill, this castle is the definition of royal vibes. Seriously, standing in front of its majestic walls, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve just stepped into a movie.

But the best part of Chapultepec Castle? The Alcázar. It’s like nature and architecture had a baby, and this was the result.

Manicured hedges, and charming pathways, all surrounding a tower– it’s basically an invitation for those whimsical, frolicking-through-the-garden boomerangs.

Our favorite part of the Alcázar is its alternating black and white tiles – extremely beautiful and they invoke a sense of royalty as you explore the area.

Walking on them is a whole mood in itself! Every step on this checkerboard dream feels like you’re moving across a giant, royal chessboard.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Instagram Photo View of Palacio de Bellas Artes from Sears Building

📍 Palacio de Bellas Artes – Google Maps
📍 Finca Don Porfirio (Best view of Bellas Artes) – Google Maps

Situated smack-dab in the heart of the city, Palacio de Bellas Artes is not just an architectural marvel; it’s an Instagram gem.

With its blend of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, this beauty stands tall, flaunting its iconic white-marble façade and that legendary orange-and-yellow dome. And during sunset? It glows like a dream!

But let’s talk about the best view of Bellas Artes!

Head up to the 8th floor of the nearby Sears building and go to the Finca Don Porfirio cafe. You’ll be treated to a bird’s-eye view of Bellas Artes. Coffee in one hand, camera in the other – can life get any better?

Casa Azul (Museo Frida Kahlo)

Chloe posing for an Instagram photo at Casa Azul (Museo Frida Kahlo) in Mexico City

📍 Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum) – Google Maps

Casa Azul is the name of Frida Kahlo’s home, and today it is the site of the Frida Kahlo Museum.

While the Frida Kahlo Museum itself isn’t very Instagrammable (although it’s still absolutely worth checking out), the courtyard of the museum is absolutely stunning.

The courtyard has this vibrant burst of colors, with rich blue walls (no surprise, hence ‘Casa Azul’ or ‘Blue House’) that seem to magically pop even more when contrasted against the lush green plants scattered all over.

And oh, those plants! From towering cacti to flouncy ferns, they’re like nature’s own props just waiting for you to strike a pose beside.

🎟️ Dreaming of wandering through the enchanting world of the Kahlo Museum? Admission tickets to the museum get sold out SUPER quickly. We recommend booking this guided tour to the Fridah Kahlo Museum in advance. The guide is SUPER helpful in the art and history of Frida.

Now, if you’re a sucker for details like us, you’ll also love the traditional Mexican tiles and the quirky little corners that just scream “Frida was here!” There’s a sense of intimacy and authenticity in every corner.

Chloe posing for an Instagram photo in front of a yellow stairs at Museo de Frida Kahlo in Mexico City

It feels like you’re not just in a museum, but stepping into the personal space of an iconic artist, catching a glimpse of her life and essence.

Gran Hotel Ciudad De México

Stained glass ceiling of Gran Hotel Ciudad De México

📍 Gran Hotel Ciudad De México – Google Maps

The Gran Hotel Ciudad De México might have the most epic hotel entrance anywhere. So much so, that the lobby itself is deserving of a visit, even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

The centerpiece of the Gran Hotel’s lobby is a massive stained glass ceiling that will leave you in awe.

Seriously, you might end up with a sore neck from gazing up at it for too long. It’s like staring up into a kaleidoscope of dreams.

📸 Here’s a photo-tip: Visit the Gran Hotel in the early morning or late evening when the sunlight dances through the glass, casting a mesmerizing glow. If you’re not spinning around in circles trying to capture every angle, you’re doing it wrong!

And while it’s easy to get lost in that celestial dance of colors above, don’t forget to take in the surroundings. Majestic chandeliers, gilded railings, and those ever-so-ornate elevators, each add their own touch of extravagance to the mix.

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