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Lonoy Cold Spring Bohol

Lonoy Cold Spring in Bohol: What You Need to Know

The Lonoy Cold Spring in Bohol is a natural spring pool known for its cool, clear waters and lush surroundings. It's a popular spot... Read more
Oslob to Bohol Ferry

How to Get from Oslob to Bohol by Ferry: Complete Guide

Getting to Bohol can be a little tricky if you're travelling from other tourist spots in Cebu such as Oslob or Moalboal. If you're... Read more
Cabagnow Cave Pool

Cabagnow Cave Pool in Bohol, Philippines: Complete Guide

Cabagnow Cave Pool is the largest and deepest water-filled cave in Anda, making it an awesome place to swim and cool off. Read more
Can-umantad falls in Bohol Philippines

Can-umantad Falls in Bohol: Our Complete Guide

Can-umantad Falls is the tallest waterfall on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Named after 'can-uman', the Visayan word for 'sixty', the waterfall... Read more
view from kankoka hills in bohol

Kankoka Hills Viewpoint in Bohol, Philippines: Complete Guide

The Kankoka Hills Viewpoint provides panoramic views of eastern Bohol. Its one of the best places to relax and enjoy a sunset while exploring... Read more
Princess Manan-aw Cave in Bohol, Philippines

Princess Manan-aw Cave in Bohol: Complete Guide

Our complete guide to the Princess Manan-aw Cave will tell you what you need to know before visiting this UNESCO Geosite. Read more
Trekking through Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines: Hiker’s Guide

The hike in Alicia Panoramic Park (also known as Binabaje Hills) is a lovely hike that provides 360-degree views of the unique landscapes of... Read more
Japan vending machine park

Japan’s Vending Machine Park Paradise: Used Tire Mart Sagamihara Store

Japan's vintage vending machine park is located in a used tire shop. Over 100 vending machines serve all sorts of strange foods and items... Read more
Haad Yuan Hike

Haad Rin to Haad Yuan Hike: Complete Guide

The Haad Yuan trail takes you to one of Koh Phangan's most exclusive and remote beaches. Read more
Engetsu Island

Engetsu Island in Japan: The Tiny Island with a Hole

Engetsu Island is a tiny island off the coast of Shirahama in Japan that's known for its circular natural archway, which frames the setting... Read more

The 15 Best Beaches in Koh Phangan [We Visited All of Them]

Koh Phangan is so much more than a party island - it's full of adventure at every level. We spent 12 days here and... Read more
dzitnup cenote xkeken

Dzitnup Cenotes Xkeken and Samula: The Ultimate Guide

The "Dzitnup Cenotes" Xkeken and Samula lie just outside of Valladolid and are the perfect place to swim in an underground freshwater cave. Read more

Jagalchi Market in Busan: The Best Place for Seafood in Korea

Jagalchi Market is a place that lives and breathes Busan's coastal culture. It's not only Korea's largest and most famous seafood market, but is... Read more

Saigon Street Food: 7 Must-Try Dishes at 20 Thuoc Street

Known as the busiest "snack paradise" in District 4 of Saigon, 20 Thuoc Street is one of the best places for authentic Vietnamese street... Read more
Blue Temple - Things to do in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Travel Guide: 9 Awesome Things to Do in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a destination that's packed with artistic heritage, rich culture, and awesome adventures. Read more
khun korn waterfall view

Khun Korn Waterfall Hike in Chiang Rai

Khun Korn Waterfall in Chiang Rai is a majestic sight amidst the lush Thai forest. Its powerful cascade creates a refreshing mist that leaves... Read more
Things to do in Pai

Pai Travel Guide: 14 Awesome Things to Do in Pai

In this guide, we share our list of favorite things to do in Pai, each offering a piece of this charming town's essence. Whether... Read more
Komezuka Crater in Mount Aso

4 Awesome Things to Do in Mount Aso

The Mount Aso caldera is an extremely diverse landscape that spans about 350 square kilometers and offers some of the best adventures in Japan... Read more
Riding a bicycle around Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

6 Awesome Things to Do at Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, nestled in the heart of Taiwan, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and mountainous scenery. This lake is the largest body... Read more
Sun Moon Lake Street Food

Sun Moon Lake Street Food: 8 Must-Try Dishes at Ita Thao Market

Nestled in the heart of Taiwan's natural beauty, Sun Moon Lake offers more than just scenic views – it's a haven for food lovers. Read more
Raohe Night Market Fried Chicken

Raohe Night Market: Your Complete Guide to Taipei’s Best Street Food

Raohe Night Market is the best place to get a taste of authentic Taiwanese street food. Read more
Zhuilu Old Road Trail

Zhuilu Old Road: The Complete Trail Guide

The Zhuilu Old Road is one of Taiwan's most iconic hiking trails, known for its slender path that slices along the steep cliffside. The... Read more
aerial view of taroko gorge

Taroko Gorge Uncovered: A Guide to Taiwan’s Mountain Paradise

With its sheer cliffs, Taroko Gorge cuts through eastern Taiwan, creating a magnificient landscape where marble mountains meet crystal-clear rivers. Read more
Seoul Street Food at Myeongdong

Seoul Street Food: What to Eat in the City’s Markets

We went to Gwangjang and Myeongdong Markets to eat the best Korean street food and put together this guide to help you decide what... Read more
andong korea hahoe village

Andong Korea: What to Do, Eat, and How to Get Around

Wondering what it's like to visit Andong? Check out our complete guide to Andong, including what you should see, eat, and how to get... Read more
Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village Museum

Takayama’s Teddy Bear Eco Village: A Whimsical Journey into Culture and Conservation

Discover a world where plush bears teach life lessons and reflect on global culture and environmental issues. Read more
Overlooking the Daikanbo Lookout

Daikanbo Lookout – The Best Viewpoint in Mount Aso

Daikanbo Lookout is a stunning viewpoint located in the Aso Kuju National Park in Japan, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Aso Caldera, one... Read more
Fukuoka to Busan ferry

Riding the Ferry from Fukuoka to Busan: The Ultimate Guide

Explore the Fukuoka to Busan ferry route with our detailed guide, expert tips, and personal experiences for your Japan-Korea sea adventure. Read more
gotohana observatory

Gotohana Observatory – Kyushu’s Most Epic Sunset

Perched on a scenic cliff, the Gotohana Observatory offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the picturesque Okiakime Island, immersing you in a landscape where... Read more
Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine

Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine – The Complete Guide

The Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine, nestled in the lush cypress forests on the slopes of Mt. Aso in Kyushu, is a captivating spiritual haven. Its... Read more
Mini camper van at a waterfall in Japan

The Ultimate Guide to Van Life in Japan: What Every Traveler Needs to Know

Whether you're a seasoned van lifer or a curious traveler, our guide offers invaluable info to help you enjoy the freedom and beauty of... Read more
Things to do in Takayama

14 Awesome Things to Do in Takayama: The Complete Guide

Nestled in the northern Japan Alps, the town of Takayama is the perfect place to unwind and immerse yourself in Japan's traditional culture. Read more
Tokyo on a budget

Tokyo on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

Discover how to experience Tokyo without breaking the bank! Dive into our firsthand guide packed with budget eats, savvy transport tips, and affordable stays. Read more
tokyo bicycle food tour

Tokyo Bicycle Food Tour: A Self-Guided Journey for Foodie Cyclists

Embark with us on our self-guided Tokyo bicycle food tour! Check out some of Tokyo's iconic landmarks while indulging in delectable dishes. Read more
mexico city instagram spots

The Best Mexico City Instagram Spots (Photos + Videos)!

Journey with us through the most photogenic corners of Mexico City! From vibrant houses to majestic architecture, discover the ultimate Mexico City Instagram spots... Read more
why visit oaxaca

Why You Need to Visit Oaxaca: Mexico’s Cultural and Culinary Gem

Unearth Oaxaca's treasures from mouthwatering cuisine to artisanal boutiques, and from ancient ruins to spirited arts. Discover why Oaxaca should top your travel list! Read more
Oaxaca mezcal tour sign

Oaxaca Mezcal Tour: Behind the Scenes of an Active Distillery

We went on a tour of a Oaxacan mezcal distillery and discovered the art of mezcal-making, from the varied agave plants to the myths... Read more
Travel couple in the Mitla Ruins in Oaxaca Mexico

Visiting the Ruins of Mitla Oaxaca: The Ultimate Travel Guide

From intriguing geometric mosaics believed to represent deities to the city's deep-seated role in religious rituals, Mitla is more than just ruins—it's a portal... Read more
Mercado 20 de Noviembre in Oaxaca

Mercado 20 de Noviembre: A Oaxacan Food Paradise

Join us as we navigate the bustling aisles of Oaxaca's Mercado 20 de Noviembre, tasting culinary delights and uncovering hidden gems. From mouthwatering tamales... Read more
Our Essential Travel Blogging Camera Gear

Capture the Journey: The Essential Travel Blogging Camera Gear

Unlock the secrets behind our vibrant photos, dynamic videos, and daily vlogs. Learn about the travel blogging camera gear we rely on to bring... Read more
Taxco Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Taxco: Mexico’s Silver Capital

From sipping mezcal in cozy restaurants to exploring cobblestone streets lined with colonial architecture, we've got your ultimate guide to everything Taxco. Yes, it's... Read more
Cenote Samula in Valladolid Mexico

The Magic of Valladolid Mexico: 5 Reasons Why Its the Yucatan’s Best-Kept Secret

From breathtaking cenotes to authentic Mayan cuisine, uncover the magic of Valladolid and why it's the secret key to the Yucatán. Read more
Chloe sitting on the river bank at Las Estacas in Morelos Mexico

Las Estacas: The Ultimate Guide to Mexico’s Hidden Oasis

With crystal-clear springs, exciting water activities, and mesmerizing natural surroundings, Las Estacas is a location that truly exemplifies the breathtaking beauty of Mexico's untouched... Read more
Chloe walking the streets and showing us things to do in La Condesa in Mexico City

Exploring La Condesa: Things to Do in Mexico City’s Trendiest Neighborhood

From savoring brunch at a cozy cafe, exploring the local art scene, to cycling down the tree-lined streets, we've uncovered the best things to... Read more
Caballero Alto Tower in Chapultepec Castle Alcazar

Discovering Mexico City: A Day at Chapultepec Castle

Delve into the heart of Mexico's rich history, explore breathtaking architecture, and uncover the secrets of this majestic castle, revealing its transformation from an... Read more
Chloe (The Froggy Adventures) walking through the path at Kula Botanical Gardens

Things to Do in Upcountry Maui: 6 Awesome Adventures

Upcountry Maui caters to all types of travelers with its diverse landscapes and activities. This region, known for its rolling hills, farms, and panoramic... Read more
Chinese Pagoda in Kepaniwai Park

Kepaniwai Park: Exploring Maui’s Heritage Gardens

Experience the Filipino Bahay Kubo, relax in the Japanese Tea Garden, and get lost in the beauty of the Chinese Pagoda. From a refreshing... Read more
Camping tents at Malaekahana State Recreation Area

Our Detailed Guide to Camping at Malaekahana State Recreation Area

Malaekahana State Recreation Area is an ideal destination for both first-time campers and those yet to experience the unique charm of camping in Hawaii. Read more
south point big island hawaii aerial view

South Point Hawai‘i: The Edge of Paradise

South Point is a wild and scenic area where the rustling wind, crashing waves, and expansive sky create a sensation of standing at the... Read more
manago hotel japanese room interior

Experiencing Old Hawai‘i: Our Stay at the Historic Manago Hotel

The Manago Hotel provides a no-frills hotel experience on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, perfect for those that just need a place to unwind... Read more
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