Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines: Hiker’s Guide

The hike in Alicia Panoramic Park (also known as Binabaje Hills) is a lovely hike that provides 360-degree views of the unique landscapes of Bohol.

Trekking through Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

After a day full of exploring a cave and swimming in a watering hole, we decided to make our way to the famous Alicia Panorama Park for a sunset hike before heading back to our place in Anda.

Alicia Panorama Park is about 1-hour drive from Anda. Most people come here for a sunrise hike but we opted for sunset this time. Which I’ll be honest we regretted – but we’ll get back to that later on.

The Alicia Panoramic Park hike was one of our favorite activities in Bohol. The views of the island are gorgeous. We can see why this has become more popular in recent years.

Chloe hiking the Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines
Aerial landscape of Binabaje Hills in Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

How to Get to Alicia Panoramic Park

The road we took to Alicia Panorama was rough. Dirt road, rocks – definitely need to be careful while driving.

But on our way back, we found a different route to get to the main road – and it was all recently paved! One thing we’ve learned on this trip is to NOT trust Google Maps. They definitely aren’t the expert on roads here.

I’ve marked the location of the road that you should take to get to Alicia Panoramic Park below. Just in case Google hasn’t yet updated their map when you make your adventure up there.

Below is the location of the entrance to Alicia Panoramic Park. When we first reached this map pin, we were a bit counfused because there was a large informational sign on the side of the road and not much else. So we drove a bit further and found the official parking area and sign-in station for Alicia Panoramic Park.

Our Experience at Alicia Panoramic Park

When we arrived at the park, there were two guides lined up ready to take us on our adventure! Our guide, Ranil, was very professional and glad he was there to show us the way because honestly its a bit confusing. We entered and exited two different ways and I’m not even sure how that happened. The guide cost us 300 pesos and is good for groups of up to 5 people.

Now for the hike itself, it’s 2 km to get to the top which is 400 meters above sea level. And there’s a 1 km bonus section if you’re up for it – if you do that it’s a total of 5 km round trip. We started the hike at 4 pm in mid May in 94 degree fahrenheit with two bottles of water – a rookie move on our part.

The first thing we noticed when we started the hike was that most of the green grass on the hills was gone – replaced by a black charcoal color. Our guide explained that the hills are usually green but they were just burned 3 days ago. Just our luck.

Hiking through burned landscape in Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines
Burned grass in Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

Fortunately the hill that we were hiking on hadn’t been burned yet but would be soon. He said that this is a yearly burn that happens every May, and the hills would be green again in a month.

As we walked up the mountain we were neck and neck with a friendly Austrian who was hungover and hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. We joked with him about who will get to the top first as both of our groups took many breaks due to the hot weather.

The hike itself isn’t particularly hard if you’re in decent shape. There are times where you are walking straight uphill but honestly we didn’t think it was that bad. But the heat was killing us.

Two-thirds of the way to the top, we ran out of water and Trey noticed how exhausted I was. We made the heart wrenching decision to call off the rest of the hike. As I’m writing – I am still deeply regretting it but honestly it was for the best. No sense in testing your body in crazy heat without water.

We sat down and enjoyed the sunset for another 30 minutes until we climbed down the mountain. Thankfully we had a drone so we were able to send it up to the places that we weren’t able to make it to.

Aerial view of the top of Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines
Epic sunset view in Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

The Austrian man was nearing the top when he waved at our drone cheerfully as it flew by. Looks like we know who’s making it to the top first.

We enjoyed a filipino snack – bahug bahug – then began our trek down for sunset.

Eating Bahog Bahog in Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

The hike down was incredible and definitely the most enjoyable part. We watched the sunset in the west and the full moon rise in the east. Fortunately, we didn’t need flashlights when it got dark because the full moon lit up the sky to guide us down.

Hiking down sunset at Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines
Full moon rise in Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines

On our way down, we exited the trail in a different place than we started. Not sure how that happened but we ended up at a cold drink stand. The perfect way to end our day.

As we parted ways with our guide, we promised him we would come back and finish it. He was such an awesome guide so Trey got his information so we can fulfill our promise one day soon. And maybe for sunrise next time?

Alicia Panoramic Park Map Location

How Long Does the Alicia Panoramic Park Hike Take?

One of the first questions we asked our guide was how long the hike to the top would take. He wouldn’t give us a straight answer, and just told us “it depends”. He gets that question a lot and told us that we can take as long as we need to hike. He was extremely patient with us and let us take as many stops as we needed along the way.

For most people, we estimate that it will take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours to get to the top. If you hike up for sunrise, the hike will be much quicker since you won’t need to contend with the sun and heat during your trek up.

We recommend bringing 2 liters of water per person for the hike. You may be able to get away with less than that. But if do the hike during the day like we did, don’t bring less than 2 liters since the Philippines sun and heat is brutal.

When you do make it to the top of the hike, there is a large viewing platform and a comfort room. You can even camp here for 500 pesos per person, though our guide explained that it gets busy on the weekends. He told us that last Saturday six groups camped there and that most people sleep on the platform.

Views from Alicia Panoramic Park in Bohol, Philippines
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