Kankoka Hills Viewpoint in Bohol, Philippines: Complete Guide

The Kankoka Hills Viewpoint provides panoramic views of eastern Bohol. Its one of the best places to relax and enjoy a sunset while exploring its grassy hills.

view from kankoka hills in bohol

Our adventure to the Kankoka Hills Viewpoint took us through the back roads of Bohol up into the hills to an abandoned building that only the locals know about.

The viewpoint is a perfect place to relax after a day of exploring and isn’t very hard to get to if you know the way. So if a chilled-out afternoon soaking in the views sounds like your idea of a good time, then add the Kankoka Hills Viewpoint to your Bohol adventure.

building at kankoka hills candijay bohol
kankoka hills candijay bohol

How to Get to Kankoka Hills Viewpoint

The best way to get to Kankoka Hills is if you’re based out of Anda.

Kankoka is about a 1-hour drive from Anda, or a 30-minute drive from nearby Can-umantad Falls.

If you’re staying in Panglao, the drive to Kankoka Hills will be about 3-hours.


Kankoka – Google Maps (For reference only, do not use for navigation directions)

The location of the Kankoka Hills Viewpoint on Google Maps is not correct. If you use that location for navigation directions it will bring you to the wrong place.

To get to the Kankoka Hills Viewpoint, navigate to this location, then continue driving down the road for about another 10-15 minutes until the road ends. Road to Kankoka Hills Viewpoint

observatory kankoka hills candijay bohol

Kankoka Hills Viewpoint: Our Experience

After visiting Can-umantad Falls we were searching for a good place to finish off the day for sunset. I found a place simply named “kankoka” on Google Maps and it looked interesting enough to check out.

The only problem was that the roads on Google Maps just sort of dead-end without going all the way to the location of Kankoka on the map.

It’s been a common theme for us in the Philippines that perfectly good roads haven’t been updated to show on Google Maps, so we learned to never trust its navigation directions to find the best route.

Instead of relying on Google’s questionable navigation instructions, I took a look at the satellite view and saw what looked like a road that went almost all the way to Kankoka. Perfect.

We set off on the road to Kankoka. It quickly turned into a busted rocky road, then a residential area. Next, we rode through what looked like someone’s farm. I started thinking that we may have made a mistake but kept going anyway.

Suddenly the old busted road ended and transitioned into a brand new concrete road. None of these roads were on Google Maps, not even the brand-new concrete road.

As we made our way down the road, I caught a glimpse of the hills around us and realized how high up we were. Being high up in the mountains instantly puts a smile on my face. I got excited when I saw the hills around me and the valleys below.

Eventually, the road turned to gravel and ended at a large building. The building looked pretty new and I was half-expecting a person to walk out and collect a parking fee as they do at most tourist spots in the Philippines. But as we approached the building we realized that it was vacant.

road to kankoka hills candijay bohol

We pulled up to the Kankoka Hills Viewpoint and parked our motorbike outside and entered the building. As we looked around the building, most of it seemed new and in good shape. It was like construction just stopped halfway through and never resumed.

The building opened up on the other side to a large terrace. We walked on the terrace and wow! A panoramic view of east Bohol and the hills surrounding us. It was amazing to be up this high and see so much.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is view-from-kankoka-hills-candijay-bohol.jpg

There are little trails that go over the hills and we took some time to explore one of them. I wondered if the trails go all the way down the hills to a road, but we’ll have to see next time.

We met some locals there on the terrace, and they told us that this building was being built for tourists to enjoy the views of the Kankoka Hills but it was damaged by Typhoon Odette in 2021. So now it sits abandoned for the time being.

There were big plans for the building. It was even supposed to be a place where you could stay overnight. Hopefully, it will be fixed up the next time we visit.

The locals mentioned the ‘hills are alive’ referencing the sound of music, and it definitely reminds us of this place. The space is so wide open and you can see people walking up and down the hills from across the distance. It reminded me of the grassy hills in New Zealand.

chloe at kankoka hills candijay bohol

As it got closer to sunset, more and more locals started showing up on their motorbikes and tricycles. One family even drove a small car up there, which we thought was impressive as the road was a little tight in some places.

Some of the locals brought snacks and beers to enjoy and cap off their day with an awesome sunset. I honestly can’t think of a better place to enjoy a sunset – hanging out in the shade with epic views and snacks, beers, and your friends and family.

If you’re the type of person who loves to explore, the viewpoint is a great place to hang out since there are little trails that meander through the area over its hills. If you explore some of those trails please let us know since we would love to know where they go.

In our opinion, the Kankoka Hills Viewpoint is just as good as the Chocolate Hills Viewpoint. While Kankoka Hills doesn’t have the unique geological features of the Chocolate Hills, it makes up for it by having a super chill atmosphere that you can casually go and hang out at and soak in the views for free.

standing on kankoka hills candijay bohol

Kankoka Hills Viewpoint Map Location

I’ve marked down the actual location of the building at Kankoka Hills Viewpoint for reference.

Keep in mind that if you try to use the map marker above for navigation directions it will bring you to the wrong place since the road that goes to the viewpoint does not exist on Google Maps.

Instead, navigate to this location, then continue driving down the road for about another 10-15 minutes until the road ends. Road to Kankoka Hills Viewpoint

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