Can-umantad Falls in Bohol: Our Complete Guide

Can-umantad Falls is the tallest waterfall on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Named after ‘can-uman’, the Visayan word for ‘sixty’, the waterfall is said to be 60 meters tall.

Can-umantad falls in Bohol Philippines

Tucked away in the hills and rice paddies of Candijay in Bohol, Philippines, Can-umantad Falls cascades down the cliffside. Surrounding the waterfall are multiple turquoise pools, each of a different depth, providing distinct experiences.

Whether you want to relax in one of the waterfall’s serene pools, adventure behind the waterfall into its cave, or chill on the shoreline with some snacks and friends, Can-umantad Falls is an unforgettable destination.

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Our Complete Guide to Can-umantad Falls

Can-umantad Falls is located in Candijay on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. With its turquoise waters and multiple pools, Can-umantad Falls is a perfect place to cool off after visiting the nearby Cadapdapan Rice Terraces or Kankoka Hills.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about your adventure to Can-umantad Falls.

Aerial view of Can-umnatad Falls height

How to Get to Can-umantad Falls

Can-umantad Falls is about a 1-hour drive from Anda or a 3-hour drive from Panglao in Bohol. We visited Can-umantad Falls when we were based in Anda, and the ride through small towns up in the hills was enjoyable.

About 1km from the parking area of Can-umantad Falls there are signs and a small booth where you turn to visit the falls.

Road turn to Can-umantad Falls in Bohol Philippines

The road down to the falls is a little steep, but we took it slow so our ride down was calm and easygoing.

There are no cars allowed on this road and we quickly learned why. We passed a few landslide warning signs and saw some spots where the road caved in.

If you don’t want to ride your motorbike down, you can pay for a tuk-tuk to take you to the parking area at the falls. There were a few people who rode a tuk-tuk and their drivers were waiting for them to finish their adventure.

Can-umantad Falls Parking Area

Can-umantad Falls: Our Experience

When we got to the parking area of Can-umantad Falls, we were surprised as it was pretty big and well-paved. There is even a toilet!

We checked in, paid our 30 pesos entry fee, and got assigned a mandatory guide. The guides here completely work off of tips so do what you may with that information. There is also no time limit when visiting the falls.

We then took a 5-minute walk from the parking lot to the waterfall. Along the way, we walked past 2 lower tiers connected to the waterfall. The first tier is under a bridge. This area has the largest jump which is 11 feet. Getting down there is slippery so be careful if you attempt this jump.

Bridge at Can-umantad Falls in Bohol Philippines

The second tier is a little ways past the bridge. It has a pool area to swim in and a small 7-foot jump. No one was swimming in either of these areas while we were there.

Overlooking the waterfall is also a covered area for people to hang out in the shade. It’s a good spot to post up for a few hours with food, drinks, and some friends.

Lastly, there’s a nice elevated terrace from where you can take photos of the falls.

Once we were done taking the signature photo in front of the falls it was time to get in!

Adventure to Can-umantad Falls in Bohol, Philippines

There are 3 areas to swim near the falls. At the base of the waterfall, it’s only 4 feet deep so it’s perfect for hanging out and cooling off. This is the most popular pool to swim in. A few tourist and local groups were hanging out and enjoying the refreshing pool of water.

can umantad falls bohol philippines travel

The cool thing here is you swim into a cave behind the waterfall. Since it’s only about 4 feet deep it wasn’t too hard to get into but I was a bit scared at first.

The waterfall was making intense water-hitting noises and kind of scared me but Trey reminded me that I could swim under the water to avoid the beating from the falls.

Swimmin in Can-umantad Falls in Bohol Philippines

We spent a lot of time in the cave behind the waterfall as it was a pretty spacious area to hang out and not difficult to get into.

can umantad falls bohol philippines cave

To the left of the main waterfall is a large pool area that is about 5 feet deep. This is the largest swimming area which was fun to hang out in but at the same it had the most algae though it didn’t bother me!

Just below the waterfall is another very shallow area – it’s 2 feet deep but SO nice to relax in. Here you can just lay around and play in the water. Just be careful – I slipped and fell there! 🤣

Thankfully I landed gracefully without any injuries. After visiting 15 waterfalls in the past two weeks I guess it was bound to happen.

Can-umantad falls in Bohol Philippines

Can-umantad Falls: Facts

Our guide provided us with some neat facts about the waterfall:

Firstly, he told us that the waterfall’s height is 79 meters. As I’m typing this, I’m wondering what the actual height of the waterfall is, since all of the sources elsewhere say that it’s either 60 feet or 60 meters. Trey says there is no way that the waterfall is only 60 feet, it looks much larger than that.

I’m wondering if an actual measurement was taken recently, and that’s where the 79-meters came from. If you visit the waterfall, please do us a favor and ask them whether the waterfall is 60 meters or 79 meters.

Our guide also told us that the source of water for the falls is 1.2 km away, in an underground spring. Between the waterfall and the source, there is a dam.

We came to the waterfall on a weekday and our guide mentioned that it only flows at 50% on weekdays. The other 50% goes to irrigation for the nearby rice fields. However, during the weekend the waterfall flows at 100% full blast.

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